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ManavSeva Project

Shree Amrutvahini Gramvikas Mandal has completed a survey of homeless people with mentally ill roadside destitute in the city of Ahmednagarand in the whole district where it is found that the number of patients is quite large it is 1080 in which 380 are female and 700 are male. This survey was conducted by Amrutvahini in theperiodof 2010 to 2011. The causes which the organization have found behind this number and disease is that grim poverty, lack of medical facilities, familiar issues, mental shocks, Alcoholism and drug addiction. The organization has primarily worked on this issue its level and has solved some cases.

Ahmednagar city is in the mid draught prone area of Maharashtra. It has meagre rainfall in this year. The district is the largest district of Maharashtra. People are facing acute labour issues. The beneficiaries are some from this district and some are abundant by their families and relatives. This is the only reason that the organization is motivated to apply for the same. The patients are roaming on the streets and are in a danger situation of mental state. That is why the organization wants to give them some more medical and mental inputs which will help them to get the stability and physical rest. Considering the number and seriousness of the disease it is an urgent need of the time to intervene on the level of identification, rescue, counselling treatment and reunion and to some extent rehabilitation of such patients at the level of Ahmednagar city and district. It is proposed that on these four levels the intervention can be worked out where the project will prove a catalyst in the union of the abandoned and dislocated patients and parents for their permanent union on human level. It is in the ambit of human rights also.

Objectives of the ManavSeva Project

  1. To identify and provide shelter, care and psychiatric and medical services to mentally ill destitute persons
  2. To provide innovative clinical treatment and therapy.
  3. To aim at self-sufficiency and deinstitutionalization through a rehabilitation / restoration programme.
  4. To enhance public awareness and gather public support for the care of mentally ill destitute.
  5. To help bring about positive changes in Government policy and planning with relation to mentally ill.
  6. Target Beneficiaries-

    Homeless & socio-economical poor people with mentally ill destitute. The background of the socio-economic poor beneficiaries.
    The Shree Amrutvahini Gramvikas Mandal is a voluntary organization based in Maharashtra working for the rehabilitation of mentally ill homeless persons since 2006. Over 272people, rendered destitute in the course of their battle against mental illness, and found wandering in the streets of Ahmednagar of Maharashtra, have entered shelter home, TheShree Amrutvahini Gramvikas Mandal's residential care and transit home, since its inception. Of these, nearly 167 people have been re-united with their families after a spell of sustained care, treatment and psychological help offered by the institution.
    Most of the residents belong to a very low socio-economic group and were found on the streets. A small percentage belongsto the middle socio-economic group and there are a few from this group who have been left destitute owing to family rejection. Target Area- Ahmednagar, Pune, Aurangabad (3 Districts) districts of Maharashtra.

    Project Duration- 5 years (60 months)

    A. Activity- (Awareness and Establishment of the mental health hospital, therapy and rehabilitation centre at Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra)
    1. Identification of the patient- As the homeless people are roaming in the cities and rural area of Ahmednagar, pune and Aurangabaddistricts of Maharashtra, this will be the first level of intervention to take the person at the centre of the organization and identify about him / her at all levels and take the permission from the families or if not identified in a certain period from the government and then start for the further process. The volunteer/ social worker team will carry on this process and will find out the details of the person.
    2. Treatment of the person with mentally ill patient- After the identification and certain procedure completion the treatment of the person will be started at the centre of the organization. For this the organization has already toed up with the Kshirsagar Hospital at Ahmednagar, where Dr. Kshirsagar is a M.D. in psychiatry. The hospital has agreed upon to work on this project and is ready to sign any bond required for the same. Organization has signed MOU with Dr. AnayKshirsagar for treatment and psycho- therapies. Here required other type of extra and additional medical expertise will be made available on the case to case basis.
      Afterestablishment of organizational own hospital every person with mentally ill will be treated at the centre of Shree AmrutvahiniGramvikasMandal.
    3. Counselling of the Person- This process will start at the certain level of mental settlement of the person. It will be executed in the direction of reunion first and if it is not workable then the person will be referred for the permanent rehabilitation.
    4. Reunion with families- If a person is developed by the treatment and if the person’s families are found in a good and acceptable situation then the person will be handed over to the families. In this cases the persons bond in writing will be taken and to some extent the centre will keep monitoring of the person and families. This process will be done very thoroughly and it will be most important factor of this total intervention.
    5. Permanent rehabilitation- After a certain level of development the person will be taught some life skills and will be provided some vocational training. Or some private employment will be made available to the developed patients. After the rehabilitation also the centre will keep monitoring of the patients activities in the required period.
    6. To run counselling, treatment and follow-up centre for under treatment and post treatment of the patients:- This centre will be the centre of all activities which will execute and monitor all the activities of the project. Here the Hospital is also attached which will be main supporting factor of the project.
    7. Mental health Awareness Programme- Organization has selected 3900 villages as major issues and will be conducted street plays and awareness programme etc. And Information, Education and communication (IEC) material will be distributed by the programme and will conduct the meeting along with the women in the villages. Stakeholder meetings.


    a. Identification of Beneficiaries and Participants:-
    The patients will be benefited from the project andthe benefits will be realized and indicated in the impact assessment report. Total 1080 patients will be counselled and treated and if required admitted for this project. The examination and counselling with treatment will be done under the guidance of experienced and expert M. D. Psychologist. And the results will be made available for any public. At the highest level of extent the beneficiaries and parents will be participated in the implementation of the project. The parents and patients are important in this process, their attendance and participation in counselling, treatment and training will be major participation in the execution of this project.
    b. Involvement of the patients and families-All the patients and families will be involved in this counselling and training. Only patients will be involved in the sessions of treatment. The Amrutvahini is always practising the policy of counselling and mentoring opportunity and rights to all the patients from the community.

    Sustainability of the project: -

    When the project will becompleted;future participation of the patients will be continued by the ngo through communication and personal meetings with the parents. The project will be completed with their participation and after that they will be called to motivate to the next batch of parents. The feedback will be taken from these parents to improve the counselling and treatment if required.


    Many residents trained at Shree Amrutvahini Gramvikas Mandal are now rehabilitated and gainfully employed. Shree Amrutvahini Gramvikas Mandal also runs an informal placement service for its residents, both current and former, which tries to place residents in situations that are appropriate to their skills and stability levels. With more emphasis now being placed on skills training, plans are afoot to strengthen placement services and widen the scope of vocational training. A resident successfully completed a one-month beautician’s training course at Divya Beauty Parlor. She found no shortage of eager women to practice her fledgling skills on and is getting set to go for a more advanced course provided free by another Amrutvahini well wisher.


    The Shree Amrutvahini Gramvikas Mandal will be the responsible person for this project. He/she will monitor the day to day activities of the inmates and guide the staff working in this project. The staff will report to the Project Coordinator. The Director of Shree Amrutvahini Gramvikas Mandal will visit the project once in a week and suggest for the progress of the inmates and smoothly work. The project coordinator will report monthly basis to support agency


    The Director of Shree Amrutvahini Gramvikas Mandal and a member of support agency will include in the evaluation team. The team will evaluate the project after one year. The team will submit the report to support agency. Shree Amrutvahini Gramvikas Mandal will send the quarterly progress report to Management Body and core Team with photo and necessary documents.

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